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Strength refers to the physical energy that allows people to act and to make efforts. Every single movement we do everyday requires a certain amount strength.

Strength also refers to all the physical and mental resources that allow us to react when there’s a problem.

We often say that there is strength in unity : sometimes we need to ally with other people to face a situation that seems impossible to handle on our own. We can find our strength in the people that we love who support us or are role models for us.

Being strong doesn’t always mean being able to fight against an enemy or being able to lift heavy charges. Strength doesn’t come in the same form for everyone because one action does not require the same amount of strength for everyone : for example, getting up in the morning can seem very easy for some but requires a lot of strength for people who are too tired or depressed (see melancholy), or one object can be easy to lift for some and difficult for others. We are not always aware of that, which can make us think that we are weak because we see other people do things that we can’t do. Let’s not forget that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and if we make efforts to surpass ourselves, then we are definitely strong.

Also, we need to exercise to get physical and mental strength. You can work out or work on yourself. Sometimes we don’t have much strength because of a physical or mental illness, in this case we need medical help.

Be that as it may, we are all strong, even if it’s not in the same way.