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How much do you know yourself?

A coat of arms is like a logo, an emblem. It is all about you, your team or your family, and the values you share. What are your values ? What do you stand for ? How do you want to improve and be a better person ?

Knowing your values & principles in life are a good way to improve your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-consciousness. All this contribute to some extent to your overall well-being.

We, at MyBlazon, offer new and unique ways to experience the quest for self-knowledge. We help you define your own values in life, and finally have them displayed using a magnificent 1000 year old tradition which is still alive today.

We first ask you to find three of the values or psychological traits that characterize you most. To choose them, you may think about it, about your dreams, about your achievements; or just follow your instinct.

Let us remind you that, as well as you probably won't have a definitive choice on your first attempt, we have not the perfect engine either. This project is still a work in progress.
Have fun !