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About Myblazon

A long, very long time ago, people invented a way to graphically represent themselves in an easy and consistent way. Their designed simple rules to mix patterns, colors and pictures on shields. Inspired by this thousand years old tradition which is still alive, we created MyBlazon to allow anyone to craft their very own shield as a personnal emblem.

Express your silent, yet true self, through your own, unique coat of arm, that is a shield with incredible drawings, bright colors, and genuine meanings.

If you wish, you can have your coat of arms represent your values: what your are, what you believe in.
You may also decide to adopt a nice design without attaching too much meaning to it.
Your choice !

Decorate your shield with 'charges'

In heraldry, a charge is any emblem or device occupying the field of an escutcheon (shield). That may be a geometric design (sometimes called an ordinary) or a symbolic representation of a person, animal, plant, object, building, or other device.


This staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings, is often used on shields; it reminds of the greek god Hermes.

Fleur de Lys

One of the major ornament associated with heraldry. A flower with three petals.


We just love very much this intelligent creature from the sea.


A nice bird prey, which traditionally represents prudence and wisdom, or simply the night.


Depicted with a face, it is termed “in its splendor” and is the emblem of glory.


Vine and vine leaves may be used to represent indutry and plenty.


What do you stand for ? What are your inner beliefs ? What are your main psychological traits ?
As a device representing yourself, a coat of arms may also represent some of your core values.


Comes in many forms, physical, intellectual, even social. "Can-do" attitude.


You may believe in God, or in Humanity or maybe in Love...


Are you a compulsive learner ? Do you feel you need to know ? Goes well with curiosity and, some say, with power.


Makes you focus less on today's troubles, more on tomorrow's improvements. Goes well with patience.


Ability to control your fear in a dangerous or difficult situation; to overcome fear or grief.


They say "a secret life is a happy life". Choose secrecy if you think the truth might hurt someone else.


Owning valuable things can boost your self-esteem, owning too many is also a cause for trouble.


For those who have the ability to feel good and naturally keep their smile. Can be contagious!


Do you often feel you saw it happen ? You may have this special gift.


A value this is sometimes mocked as a weakness, but is mostly a consequence of high empathy.

Some use cases for your coat of arms

A coat of arms is really like a stylish logo based on the ancient rules of heraldry.
You can use your own everywhere you would put your name, your logo or your signature.