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Courage refers to the ability to control your fear in times of physical or psychological pain and to accept to take risks to defend your loved ones and everything you stand for. Courage is the hero’s first quality : he’s the character who’s audacious (see audacity) and who’s ready to face danger to achieve his goal.

Courage does not appear the same way in everyone because we don’t have the same fears.

Little everyday things can seem ordinary for some and be literal ordeals which demand courage for others : for example, talking in public.

Being courageous is fighting your fear, but it’s also being able to ignore a certain feeling in order to keep going. For example, it takes a lot of courage to keep going in life when you are grieving.

We can find our courage thanks to someone we like, a loved one, a celebrity, any role model, as much as we can help others to be more brave. We help each other to be brave by showing that we are strong enough to overcome difficult situations (see strength).