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In religion, spirit refers to the life inspired by God. For some religions and mythologies, a spirit is an insubstantial but intelligent being that is between divinities and mortals. It often embodies a natural element or phenomenon (the wind, the forest, animals...).

In psychology, spirit refers to all the mental abilities and phenomena of Humans : the act of thinking, having an intuition, a judgment, moral values...

In philosophy, spirit is like the soul or consciousness that is distinguished from the body.

There are a lot of activities for our spirit. Those activities can be for our own spirit : yoga, meditation, contemplation (see contemplation), etc… that are activities where we’re supposed to open our spirit to the world. Other activities are for spirit in its religious meaning : spiritism, or religious rituals.

We also say that a person is witty when they have a certain spirit, they’re intelligent (see intelligence), sharp-minded, and have a great sense of humor...

So, spirit has a lot of different definitions, we see this concept differently according to our religious and philosophical beliefs. In any case, spirit is insubstantial, it refers to something we can’t see nor touch, we can only theorize it.