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Temperance is a form of moderation and self-control when it comes to one’s desires. This value is often associated with sobriety.

Temperance is one of the cardinal virtues (see virtue), along with prudence, strength (see strength) and justice (see justice).

The two main desires regulated by temperance, especially in christianity, are food related pleasure and sexual desires (see chastity). A temperate person is able to control themselves when facing food, they will only eat what their body needs without any greed and won’t drink alcohol. For sexual pleasure, religious people believe that sexual intercourse is only for procreation and not for pleasure (see family).

Some people add to those the ability to control your urges, your arrogance (see humility), your wish to fight or provoke conflicts (see peace).

Let’s note that temperance is about controlling your desires and not prevent and stop them. We all have desires that can give us a form of pleasure, a temperate individual can fulfill their desires without going too far and becoming an addict.

This virtue is necessary for self harmony, to be happy while staying healthy.