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Luck is a concept that refers to fate, or coincidence, happy or unhappy. It has an influence on how things happen.

According to everyone’s beliefs, luck can be due to a god or an entity that has the power to change the way things happen, or luck is just a coincidence.

Everyone wants to be lucky, because things would be so much easier if fate gave us everything we want (the good answers during exams, the lottery numbers...) without having to work hard to get them.

Luck is also a way to comfort someone when something didn’t go as planned and they have no one to blame : “You just had bad luck”.

Sometimes we think that we have no luck at all, but we are more lucky than we think : it’s a chance to be able to eat, to have a home, to have a family and friends... Being lucky is also having the essential things in life, because not everyone has them.

However, luck isn’t everything. If someone passed an exam, or got a good job, we’re going to say that they’re lucky, whereas this person worked really hard to get there, their success is not just a coincidence. If you want something, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard and not just wait for fate to give you what you want (see labor).