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Labor refers to all the activities that allow men to meet their needs. It’s a large concept that can not be defined with a simple definition.

Originally, this term was referring to efforts and suffering, today some people see labor as a way to improve yourself. It is true that labor can be hard because it requires a lot of effort, but once you achieve your goal, you feel proud (see pride) and it improves your self-confidence (cf self-confidence).

Labor doesn’t only refer to a job where you’re paid to do tasks, because some people volunteer and work without being paid, or in order to make a dream come true. Labor can also be a way to fulfill your dreams, to achieve your goals that have nothing to do with having a job and being paid.

We also talk about labor for a woman who’s giving birth (cf birth).

Labor is not a goal, what matters is what we obtain after working hard, it can be money or something else. Working allows us to meet our needs, with a job we can have a house, buy food for us and our family, if we make a dream come true, we are happy.

Even if they don’t like it, Human beings have to work in order to survive.