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Magnanimity refers to high-mindedness and nobility. A magnanimous person has a lot of great qualities to get to a form of human ideal.

Magnanimity is a way of self-accomplishment and personnel development.

This value is often associated with kings, queens and lords, who are good and generous to their subjects (cf generosity), but we don’t have to be noble to have this quality.

Being magnanimous means being generous and fair to others (see justice) but it’s also being selfless in your actions to help others.

During a war, being magnanimous means showing mercy to your enemies and not being afraid to die for your cause (see sacrifice). It also means forgiving and being kind with someone who hurted us (see empathy). Forgiveness is not always easy, lots of people can’t forgive someone who hurted them, sometimes it requires a lot of work.

Also one might think that not everyone deserves to be forgiven, not everyone deserves one’s magnanimity. When the damages are too big, you can’t always be kind and selfless and forgive.