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[Self-confidence] What’s self-confidence ? What does it mean ? Being self-confident is acknowledging your own capabilities, your qualities. It’s knowing that we are capable of anything. Being self-confident isn’t easy for everyone, a lot of people struggle to see their own capabilities. How can we improve our self-confidence ? We can look at what we already achieved in the past, look at where we are, look at where we started, how we managed to reach our goals,... Then we’ll quickly realise that we are smarter (see intelligence), better, stronger (see strength) than we think. Throughout our life, we have or we will probably meet some people that will try to break our self-confidence, intentionally or unintentionally. We need to learn to carry on regardless of what they think. Self-confidence is essential in order to achieve one’s goal: being accepted in a dream school, getting a great job,... [Confidence] Being confident with yourself is very important, but you also need to be confident with other people and with life itself. In certain circumstances, you have to give someone else your trust. For example, when you get surgery you have to trust the surgeon. Religious people are confident with the god they believe in. You can’t control everything in life. You have to be able to be confident in other people, in your fate or the gods you believe in, or you will be overwhelmed. Confidence can also refer to the fact that we inspire trust in others. In order to be accepted by other people, we have to show them that they can trust us. For example, if a politician wants to be elected, he has to show his electors that he’s trustworthy. Being confident is not always easy. If a person has been betrayed or hurt by someone they trusted, it might be difficult to trust again because they are afraid of being hurt again.