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Conservatism refers to one’s attachment to tradition and can also be the refusal of any form of progress in society.

This concept was born during the French Revolution. It referred to the will to preserve the social order, to protect and preserve traditional values.

Nowadays, conservatism is mostly a political philosophy opposed to modernism. In every country, there’s a conservative political party where the members are opposed to the “progressives” laws, like the law that allows women to get an abortion.

Conservatism exists in many countries, but it doesn’t appear the same way everywhere, according to the culture of each country. The common point between every conservative party is that they all defend their tradition.

One can be conservative on different aspects : social, cultural, religious...

You may want to choose this value if you feel strongly attached to your traditions, your religion or your culture. It’s important to preserve our traditions because they link us to our ancestors, to our story, they are part of our identity. However it’s important too to let society progress and to let go of traditions that might be harmful for some people.