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Victory refers to the success won during a conflict or a battle.

Being victorious doesn’t always mean winning a war. Throughout our life, we all fight for things that are real or symbolical and we can win and be victorious.

One can fight against an illness, an addiction, or fight for a cause (see vegan), for a project, to achieve a goal that’s difficult to reach... There’s as many victories as there are fights.

However, a victory doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s going to live peacefully for the rest of their lives (see peace). As we say “We have won an important battle, but not yet the war”, when we win, other battles are coming. The path that leads us to our goal is made of small victories and small defeats. To reach a big goal, you have to make small objectives : either you succeed and you can do the next objective, or you fail and you have to start over until you succeed.

In the case of a fight against an opponent, we may wonder what would be the consequences of our victory on them. One’s victory can bring more pain to the loser than happiness to the winner.