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Loyalty refers to one’s commitment to stay faithful to a person or group. We’re loyal to our husband or wife, to our family, to our homeland or for any person we swore allegiance to (see adoration).

A loyal person commits to respect every promise they made but also to respect the law and to obey the rules of honor (cf honor). They’re devoted to the cause or the person they swore allegiance to.

Being loyal doesn’t only mean being faithful to someone and obeying. Loyalty is so much more : when you are loyal to someone, you are honest with them, you show them that they can trust you (see confidence), we respect them and they respect us...

Loyalty is a great quality, but it has its limits. How far are you willing to go to prove your loyalty? (cf kindness/sacrifice)

Some people can ask you to do impossible, illegal or dangerous stuff to test your loyalty. You have to set boundaries so it doesn’t go too far.

Also, in a relationship, loyalty has to go both ways, or this relationship won’t last.