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Let’s take a look at the labels of this value: Spiritual and Romantic. Adoration is about love and passion, that’s why it is categorized as “romantic”. It is also categorized as “spiritual” because the word “adoration” is mostly used to talk about religion. Indeed when you are part of a religion, you adore your god.

An adoration can also be songs that you sing to show your love to God and to Jesus if you are christian and how much you are grateful for what He gave you.

You may want to choose this value if you have strong faith in your religion or if you want to show that the good things you have in life, the people you love, your family (see family), your wealth (see wealth), everything you own, God gave them to you and you’re thankful for that and you want to show it.

But it can also be the love you feel for someone. Sometimes, the feelings you have for someone are so strong that it can be compared to the love a religious person has for God. This person can be your lover, your child, someone from your family… They can also be a celebrity. Indeed, some people are so in love with a celebrity that they treat them like a God, it becomes a whole religion. Some people might think that it is unhealthy to adore someone and treat them like a God, but if you want to show your adoration for someone who’s not a god, go for it !

To put it in a nutshell, “Adoration” is a value for those who value love and praise over anything else, who are grateful for the things they have and who want to show it on their blazon. So what do you think? Does this value correspond to you? Would you choose it for your blazon?