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Protection refers to the act of defending someone or something against a danger, or to make sure that nothing bad happens to that person or thing. One can protect or be protected.

Protection can take many different forms according to the type of threat. For example, during a pandemic we take safety precautions to protect ourselves and others from the virus. We can also talk about social protection when the government helps people in need. The government also protects its population from terrorism.

Some people fight to protect the environment and the biodiversity (see eco-conscious).

Some people are ready for everything, including putting themselves in danger, to protect others (see sacrifice).

Protection is also one of the main values in a family (see family) : a parent would do anything to protect their children from any danger.

So there’s a lot of different ways to protect what’s important to us. However we may want to protect someone or something and fail : there’s threats that you cannot avoid, or our protection could not be enough to prevent a danger from happening.