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Being charitable means being altruistic, it means loving to help others. When you are charitable you give material goods, money, food, but also your time and a lot of yourself, you sacrifice your personal life for other people (see sacrifice).

People who are charitable are, for example, those who volunteer to help raise money for poor people. Or those who volunteer to help their loved ones.

We can also mention charities which are organizations that encourage people to be more charitable and make donations.

Someone who’s charitable is also someone who can forgive easily, who’s indulgent and kind (see kindness).

This value is for those who volunteer to go to other countries to help the populations in need, to help fight poverty and to save those who are victims of wars or natural disasters...

Charity is a religious virtue (see virtue). Helping and loving your neighbour is one of the greatest values in many religions.

Charity is very highly thought of in society, someone who isn’t charitable is considered selfish.