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The formal description of arms by way or using words is called blazonry in heraldic jargon. Again, some knowledge of blazonry is necessary to understand and use the reference books and to interpret the evidence when one is researching how best to create a coat of arms. Although blazonry terminology can appear off-putting at first, the system is rather logical and not too hard to pick up !
Way back during the Crusades, many languages were spoken but English crusaders and the nobility of the time could generally understand the Norman-French vocabulary that began the language known as Blazon. Blazonry adopted and expanded on this rich tapestry of words and gave them a color and tone all their own. There is no other language quite like it! The word "blazon" comes from the German word "blazen", to blow a trumpet, as this was no doubt the way to attract the attention of combatants and spectators at a tournament, or at the entry of a competitor who would be recognized by his arms.

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