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The horse represents dynamic power, wisdom and intellect; a prophetic animal that was given psychic and magical powers. Medieval and Renaissance Europe saw the horse as the noble animal, and treated them accordingly and only the aristocracy was permitted to ride a horse. Today, the horse belongs to everybody, whether to ride or admire or wager on! Stories abound of the horse's protectiveness, patience, and endurance during times when its owner faced hardship. It remains the symbol of the free spirit and intuitive intelligence. It was quite common for leaders, from Kings, to Vikings, to Celts, and even Chinese warlords, to be buried with their most prized horses. The Arabian is the oldest purebred horse in the world and the animal's obedience and hardiness became a great weapon of war, and contributed to the conquest of half of the European world. Little wonder horses became the emblem of fearlessness and loyalty, making them the supreme military resource for mighty emperors, including Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte.


The horse is a symbol of strength in many cultures throughout the world. Powerful musculature, keen intelligence, noble spirit, and fluid grace come together in the horse, enabling the animal to run like the wind while remaining firmly grounded in the earth.

warrior spirit

Horses signify warrior spirit and prowess, or valor in combat, as "they scent out war; they are roused to battle by the sound of the trumpet; when incited by a voice they are challenged to race, grieving when they are defeated, and exultant when they are victorious."

horse is also a symbol of loyalty.

Example of known uses of horse

The coat of arms of the Trevelyan family

The issuant horse in this ancient Cornish family's arms alludes to the legend of the first Trevelyan, who supposedly swum his horse from St Michael's Mount to the mainland. The horse also represents the Trevelyans' bravery and courage.


Since 1952, every Porsche car has borne its iconic rampant black horse. The emblem was chosen to represent the company's city of origin - Stuttgart - as well as symbolising the speed, strength and courage of the brand.


At various times throughout history the horse has appeared on the coins of many regions or groups including those of ancient Thessaly (Greece), Austria, the Celts of Britain, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Monaco, North Korea, Norway, Spain, and Uruguay.


Numerous automobile models have been named for horses, including the Mitsubishi Dodge Colt and Plymouth Colt; the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Haflinger; and the Ford Pinto, Bronco, and Mustang. The Mustang front hood often features a silver emblem of a running horse (a horse courant).

Vehicles - Ferrari

The Ferrari and the Ford Mustang with the horse rampant or passant are exciting to look at and certainly are indicators of speed and endurance.

Ford Motors

The mustang emblem of the Ford Motor Company has been its most popular logo of all time. Who cannot sense the elegance of the black horse on the Ferrari vehicle? The "cavallino rampante" is the visual symbol of the Italian automaker Ferrari.

Horse Racing

Since the 1940's, the Santa Anita Racetrack in California has used a horse head logo.