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The fox is important in many cultures, even though with different mean¬ings for each. In Japan for example, a white fox is ridden by Indari, the rice god and carries the key to paradise. In China the fox is a symbol of eroticism and seduction. In European heraldry the fox represents intelligence, shrewdness and cunning. This animal that is also known as a tod, reynard, or genet is most famous for being a trickster - one who can elude all who come after it such as hounds and hunters in classic fox hunting stories! This cute and furry little fellow has many strategic talents, quick to find resources, and is willing to use all his wisdom and wit to defend himself. We commonly use the expression "smart as a fox" and rightfully so since this small but powerful animal succeeds as we humans do by our wits, skill, cunning and guile.


In many cultures, the fox is regarded as a trickster figure who is intelligent, sly, crafty, and cunning. This perception is so strong in many western cultures that it has given rise to the phrase "Sly like a fox."


In the Christian bible, the figure of Herod is likened to a fox. Medieval Europe regarded the fox as skilled at using clever tricks to deceive people and sometimes even associated the animal with the devil.


Shamanic cultures regard the fox with some measure of esteem, as an animal with the magical ability to shift form. In ancient Mesopotamia, the fox's behavior was observed for the purpose of prophesying the future.

Example of known uses of fox

The coat of arms of the Fuchs family

The heraldic fox was frequently used as a canting element and the arms of this Polish noble family - adopted in the early 16th century - are a striking example. The rampant red fox also acts as a symbol of the family's wisdom and wit.

The coat of arms of the town of Ivittuut, Greenland

Ivittuut was a thriving cryolite mining town until scientists discovered how to synthesise the precious deposit - now its only inhabitants live on the nearby naval base. The two Arctic foxes represent one of the area's most common animals.


Fox Racing Company is a competitive bike racing company using the fox logo.

Computer browser fox

The Firefox computer browser is in use today and most of us that have computers are familiar with it showing a fox and his tail wrapped around an image of the globe.

Fox Theaters

A Fox Theater is well known in most American cities where movies are shown, harking back to 20th Century Fox Film Studio where most movies are still produced.