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Vigilance can be represented by Unicorn passant guardant.
Courage can be represented by Unicorn passant guardant.
wisdom - vigilance - courage

Per fess Chevronny inverted Pourpre and Or and Argent, in base two unicorns passant guardant respectant Sable hoofed Azur crined and queued Purpure.

This blazon was created for Noxnarths

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This coat of arms has been created on 20/3/2020 for the team Noxnarths by (ohgodIjustneededthisforworldbuilding) using

Coat of Arms are heraldic bearings, insignia, devices (etc). of a person, family, or corporation. They are also widely used as emblems and logos, and can be created from the moral or psychological values that the owner stands for.

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